About Us

“On Aug. 10, 1895 at Ledge Rock Baptist Church in Wake County,  where Rev. A. B. Wyche was pastor, a resolution was passed in the Cedar Grove Association dividing the Cedar Grove Association into two separate Associations,  with the Lynchburg and Durham Railroad as the dividing line” … thus the East Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist Association was born. The mission of East Cedar Grove is “to teach Christianity based on the Holy Bible; preach inspirational sermons for living; encourage wholesome family values; provide leadership training for members and support local and foreign mission.”  The goals and objectives of The Association are: to provide the arena and the instrumentality for member churches and auxiliaries to work corporately and cooperatively around the following concerns:1) spiritual fellowship; 2) responding to the needs of members and member churches; 3)religious education in member churches; 4) assistance to persons in member churches who are attempting to peruse Higher Education; 5) concerted action to enhance the quality of life and opportunity for persons in our communities; 6) maintenance and wise use of the Association’s properties and resources; 7) providing Christian and sympathetic assistance and counsel to churches which may seek the same from the Association and 8) to support affiliates that include the General Baptist Convention of NC, the National Baptist Convention, U.S.A. and the Lott Carey Convention.  Member churches are to uphold and teach Baptist doctrine, forms of worship and polity