The Advisory Council


Past Chairperson, Rev. Joyce Daye Clayton


The Advisory Council of East Cedar Grove Missionary Baptist Association (ECGMBA) was established in 2011 under the direction of the Executive Board of ECGMBA.  It is responsible for developing and implementing a plan of action approved by the Executive Board of the Association under the leadership of its Moderator and Executive Board Chairman.  



  To assist the Association’s Executive Board in meeting its objectives by developing activities through Council committees that reflect the Association’s purpose.To serves as goodwill ambassadors promoting the association’s mission. To help the Association enhance its image, productivity and effectiveness in meeting its objectivesTo strengthen member church unity and participation within the Association

 Past Advisory Council Members

Rev. Joyce D. Clayton, Chairperson, Sis. Glennie Carver, Rev. Mildred Chambers, Sis. Emma Daniels, Rev. Robert Daniels, Deacon Maggie Fogg, Rev. Shelton Harris, Rev. Rosa Hester, Sis. Judy Jacobs, Rev. Rufus Johnson, Rev. Wayne Johnson, Deacon Lloyd Landis, Rev. Dr. Langston Logan, Rev. Elizabeth McCoy, Deacon Johnny Pettiford, Deacon William Pitts, Deaconess Dinah Pitts, Sis. Magdalene Ragland, Rev. Dr. William Richardson, Bro. Samuel Teague, Rev. Dr. Harold Trice, Sis. Mary Vanhook, Rev. J. Eric Morgan, III, Ex-officio 


Past Advisory Council Committees
Association Ambassadors    Chair, Deac. Maggie Fogg

Brochure      Chair, Rev. Elizabeth McCoy

Calendar/Newsletter     Chair, Rev. Joyce D. Clayton

Community Outreach/Mission    Chair, Rev. Rosa Hester

Constitution and By-Laws    Chair, Rev. Dr. Harold Trice

Founders Day Program     Chair, Rev. Elizabeth McCoy

 History/Archives      Chair, Rev. Joyce D. Clayton

Pastoral Networking     Chair, Rev. J. Eric Morgan

Professional Development & Leadership Training  Chair, Sis. Dinah Pitts

Poetry      Chair, Sis. Judy Jacobs

Publishing     Chair, Rev. Rufus Johnson

Symposium     Chair, Rev. Dr. Langston Logan

Technology/Public Relations   Chair, Rev. Shelton Harris, Chair